Retro Vibes & Lush Delights at Our Seminole Ice Cream Parlor ????

Seminole Ice Cream | Dairy Joy

Dairy Joy’s Seminole Ice Cream Shop Reintroduction!

Ahoy, ice cream aficionados of Seminole! Do you remember that old Twistee Treat? Well, it got a sizzling ’50s makeover, and now, after two delightful years, it’s time for a reintroduction.

Say hello (again!) to Dairy Joy’s Seminole ice cream parlor: a rock ‘n’ roll blend of timeless traditions from our South Tampa sweetheart (spinning tunes since 1958) and the electric charm of the Seminole spirit. This isn’t just your regular ice cream spot; it’s a time machine with a cherry on top!

Imagine cruising in a ’57 Chevy, Elvis crooning in the background, and waffle cones wafting in the breeze. Got that? Now sprinkle in some laughter, games on lush turfed grounds, and candid snaps with those pastel blue and pink backdrops. That’s the Dairy Joy experience!

Safety first, fun always! We’ve made it a joyride while ensuring everyone’s safety. With a securely gated area, thoughtfully planted foliage acting as a serene buffer, and a one-way ticket to our turfed zone, we’ve combined relaxation and peace of mind.

Seminole and Pinellas pals, we’ve been scooping happiness for two years now and crave to be your go-to sweet spot. From St. Pete to Clearwater, beachside to bayside, our mission? Serve up bowls of nostalgia, with swirls of fun and sprinkles of love.

Our squad? Cooler than the other side of the pillow! Dressed in smiles and brimming with warmth, they’re here to make every visit a treat. And if there’s a little hiccup, don’t be shy! Holler, and we’ll twirl it right.

So, come swing by, dance a little jig, and dive into the Dairy Joy tradition. Our Seminole ice cream parlor is waiting, rockin’ tunes and all. Let’s make new memories, one delicious scoop at a time! ????????????????

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