Celebrate Birthdays with Dairy Joy

Dive into Our Make Your Own Sundae Birthday Parties in Tampa!

There’s no joy like Dairy Joy, especially when it comes to birthdays! If you’re dreaming of an ice cream party filled with laughter, memories, and scoops of deliciousness, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re in South Tampa or Seminole, our unique party packages ensure a celebration you won’t forget.

What’s on the Menu?

  • Duration: Enjoy a full hour of partying with us! Need more time? We’ve got options to extend the fun.
  • Sundae Funday: With the capacity to cater to up to 30 guests (yes, adults included), nobody’s going home without a taste of our delectable ice cream. Have a bigger crowd? We have options for that too!
  • The Ultimate Sundae Bar: Dive into various flavors, from classic hard-packed to refreshing snow cones. And don’t get us started on the toppings! From vibrant sprinkles to luscious chocolate syrup, the combinations are endless.
  • Party in Style: Our car section and those tables on that side offer the perfect backdrop for your event. Imagine the photos!
  • All about the Details: We spruce up your party space with festive balloons, ensure your guests stay hydrated with water bottles, and who could forget our iconic ice cream cone party hats? Plus, we offer a special gift for the birthday guest of honor!
Birthday Party at Dairy Joy

Customize Your Day:

We want your day to be exactly as you envision it. Hence, feel free to arrive 20 minutes before the party starts to add any personal touches. Want to bring in a birthday cake, snacks, or even some adult beverages? Go right ahead! Our spaces are flexible and accommodating.

Ready for the Ultimate Ice Cream Birthday Bash?

The creamy dream awaits at both our South Tampa and Seminole locations. Don’t just take our word for it. Dive into the Dairy Joy experience by booking your next Tampa birthday with us. For specific package prices and to check availability, contact us today!

Hurry, let Dairy Joy sprinkle some magic on your special day!

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