Scooping up Happiness Since 1958

Welcome to Dairy Joy! A nostalgic ice cream shop in Tampa and now branching out to Seminole, we have been enchanting ice cream enthusiasts with our scrumptious treats since 1958. As a family-owned parlor, every scoop we serve is a testament to our enduring legacy and commitment to spreading joy in our community.

In 2018, the torch was passed to Chris and Karrie Mueller, the dedicated duo also responsible for South Tampa’s beloved Xtreme Juice. Fueled by our admiration for Dairy Joy’s nostalgic charm and its ’50s-era magic, they’ve poured their hearts into preserving and enhancing its vintage glory. To us, Dairy Joy is more than just an Tampa ice cream shop – it’s a vibrant piece of Tampa’s sweet history that we are honored to carry forward.

Classic & Creative Scoops

Since 2018, Chris and Karrie Mueller have revived Dairy Joy's '50s charm and Elvis spirit. Serving joy with every nostalgic scoop, we're keeping Tampa's sweet tradition alive.

Beyond Ice Cream

Complementing our ice cream offerings, our sundaes, milkshakes, and hot dogs offer a perfect trip down memory lane.

Restoration & Revival

We’re committed to preserving Dairy Joy's retro appeal while continually innovating for the delight of our customers.

A Family Affair

Family-owned and operated since 1958, Dairy Joy is more than an ice cream shop – it’s a labor of love passed down through generations.

The perfect blend of nostalgia and fun

Our treats are a passport to the ’50s. Relax in our ’57 Chevies, groove to classic doo-wop, and capture a moment with the King. Each bite blends delicious flavors with timeless joy.

Crafting Frozen Happiness with Love.

At Dairy Joy, we specialize in authentic soft serve cones that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Our cones come in a variety of flavors, including classic options like vanilla and chocolate, as well as exciting dipped flavors like cherry and blue raspberry. 

Our Vision

Preserving the Past, Scooping into the Future. We aim to keep Dairy Joy's rich tradition alive, serving as a nostalgic hub of joy in Tampa while continually innovating to deliver sweet moments to every visitor.

Our Mission

Celebrating Life, One Scoop at a Time. Our mission is to serve more than just ice cream. We’re here to create cherished memories, bring together the community, and spread joy through our delightful offerings.